What’s a Man’s Life Worth to you?


There are things that I do not enjoy writing about. Like death, murder, riots and protests; in other words “what’s happening in our streets these days”. On the other hand, I know that it is necessary! So allow me to share my thoughts with you.  

My heart was so broken to see “George Floyd” killed by a police officer over the color of his skin. As I saw the horrific video, all I could think of was: How can someone be so evil as to kill another person in broad daylight; with people watching.. Not worried about the outcome of his actions! Nothing stopped this officer. A couple of days later, we see even more wickedness sweep across the country; as vile gangs took advantage of the situation to hurt people and spread more fear and anger.    

You know, I think everyone is shocked by the outcome because we all expect something better from ourselves and from others. We expect a certain level of decency and moral behavior. But God is never shocked by our actions! He knows what we are like, and what we are capable of doing; even the best of us. Don’t get offended  by my words, at least not yet! Hear me out!   

This has been happening for a long time, since early on. Racism, murder, rebellion… We’ve just become more modernized in the way we do things. Listen to these words that were written about 835 B.C.. God spoke these words against the people of Israel at that time to condemn their actions. Look at what He said in Amos 8: 1,6,

“Hear this, you who trample the needy… So as to buy the helpless with money and the needy for a pair of sandals…”

God was infuriated because the rich used to buy and sell the poor in exchange for a pair of sandals!! God was outraged. He was like, What is a man’s life worth to you? A sandal! 

What is a man’s life worth to us these days, that a man should die on the street for NO reason. What’s a man’s life worth to us, that a man should be hit with a brick on the head so a bunch of criminals can rob a shoe store!! What is life worth to you and me?

Let me tell you what the true worth of life is. A man’s life is so priceless that God Himself took on human form, become a man so that He could carry your sins and mine on the cross -though He knew NO sin. He did that so whoever believes in Him will not be judged for their sins, but have eternal life in His name. That’s what a man’s life is worth. That’s what your life is worth.  It’s worth the blood of Jesus Christ. God the Almighty, the unfathomable, the creator of every living thing said, I give myself in your place to save YOUR life! He died and rose from the dead because you are so precious in His sight.  

And until our society and the world learns that important truth, nothing is going to stop them from taking a life , or robbing a store, or burning a church, or vandalizing a street… Until we, as a nation and as individuals, experience the LOVE of God and realize our true worth in Him, we will continue to suffer and treat others unjustly, because that’s who we are without God! 

But before we worry about our nation, let’s start with us, you and me! Have you found your true worth in Jesus Christ? Oh how I  hope that you would! I wish for you to encounter the savior, allow Him to wash your sins, and show you how loved, and highly-esteemed you are in His sight.

For more on love and relationships, check out Your Love is Better than Wine: Letters to Mr. Right by Michal Haddad.

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Luxuries Moms Can’t Afford


You probably saw the title of this blog and thought, what are these things that moms cannot afford? Let me tell you the luxuries I’m talking about have nothing to do with money, or financial capability. There are things in life that a mom can’t afford to do or NOT do simply because she carries the grand title ” MOM”. So, if you don’t mind being real and you’re in the mood for a laugh, go ahead and check out this list. 

Luxuries a MOM cannot afford: 

1-Privacy in the bathroom!  Need I say more?? It would be easier for a mom to spot a unicorn, than to have total privacy on the golden throne. 

2- Sleep through the night/or getting through the night without your little one sneaking into your bed. Then you find yourself attempting to get his/her adorable foot out of your spleen, until morning!

3-Have a nice, neat house for over 10 minutes. Remember your dreams of having fancy art and center pieces on the tables in your house? Now your center piece could be a stray sock (can’t even tell if it’s clean) and a disfigured T-rex toy.

4-Can’t afford to do one thing at a time. You thought you were busy before you became a mom, huh?! Now you wash the dishes, cook a meal, correct your child’s homework, while you sing a lullaby to your other child. You might as well be doing a salsa dance and you don’t even know it!

5-Not being embarrassed in public. Like when your child spills a family secret to the cashier at the register, or when your child tells the adult you’re conversing with that they have a big nose, or that they look like Pinocchio!  (That’s it! The Pinocchio movie is completely banned from our house).

Can you think of other luxuries that moms cannot afford? If any come to mind, please do share, we all could use a laugh.

There’s something crazy about this mom-life though. No matter how hectic it feels, and how we crave a break or a moment of peace, most of us moms would do it all over again and wouldn’t have it any other way! That’s insanity. That’s the kind of love a mother has. 

I’m a mom of two beautiful energetic boys and a third boy on the way! I’ve been a mom for the past almost 9 years of my life. I love being a mom, despite the difficulties motherhood presents. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. It’s such a huge responsibility and privilege at the same time.

I was thinking about the words of Psalm 144 the other day, one of King David’s songs. In this psalm, he was asking the Lord to rescue him from his enemies. It seems that he had been in distress at the time. David began requesting help and unusual intervention from the Lord; that he even prayed for God to “Open the heavens and come down”. Kind David then pictured what his life would be like once God intervenes and the first thing he imagined was this: 

“May our sons flourish in their youth

like well-nurtured plants.

May our daughters be like graceful pillars,

carved to beautify a palace.” Psalm 144: 12.

Before he thought of his riches and asked for anything materialistic, he wanted his sons and the sons of his nation to be like well-nurtured plants. Meaning: mature, real honorable men, healthy and men of character. And the girls like graceful pillars fit to support a castle. Meaning: not just pretty on the outside, but strong and dependable. David knew that his success, and God’s hand and blessing on his life, will greatly impact his children’s lives. The same is true for us.

When our lives reflect Christ, when we make choices that honor God, our kids see that! When we spend time reading God’s word, and give priority to the things of God, our kids see that! And it influences their way of thinking; even their choices.

You see, in life we’re always rushing to accomplish things, to pay bills, to provide for the kids, to do a million things within the 12 hours we have each day. But the truth is that motherhood and even parenthood in general, although it keeps us busy, yet it is not about how much we do! It is not about the quantity, rather about the quality.

I’m not speaking as one that has attained the goal! For I am still learning, and I still have a long way to go. But this I have realized, the truth of the matter is when I become a better follower of Christ, I become a better mom, and my kids become better kids. It’s a cycle. And it all starts with God and me. 

When they grow up, it won’t matter how many soccer games we took them to, or haw many Birthday parties we RSVPed to, although that may be good and fun. What would really matter is how often did we take time to be still before God, grabbed our Bible and listened for what God wants to teach us. Then when our kids get home take the time to be still (as still as they can be for kids) and share with them what we learned about God that day. And let them see us do life as faithful followers of Christ.

At the end of the day, have I as a woman approached God and allowed Him to work in my life? Because when I am changed, my whole world is influenced, and my kids are in the front row seat.  So my lady friends, moms, you have a great ministry and a crucial task; bring your children to love Christ and know Jesus deeply and that’s the greatest gift you can offer Him.

For more on love, relationships & the single life check out Your Love is Better than Wine: Letters to Mr. Right.

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Where Have You Lost Your Passion?


Luxuries Moms Cannot Afford Michal Haddad

A light-hearted podcast about what moms have to deal with on a daily basis. And how the cycle that turns our kids into men and women of character starts with us as MOTHERS. 
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Last summer, my family and I took a trip to the beach in Jersey. Around lunchtime we got hungry, my husband and I located a restaurant to eat in on Yelp. You know how hectic it can be, finding a good place to eat when you’re in the car with two hungry kids and a hungry wife (that’s me!).  When we arrived and parked right in front of the restaurant, we were taken back by what we saw.  I remember looking at my husband and saying, “Honey! This is a church!” We double checked the address to make sure that we were in the right place. Turns out, we were in the right place. That restaurant, in fact, had been a church at some point in the past. The current owners chose to preserve the building in its original structure and appearance. Plus, they very cleverly named their restaurant “Old Glory Kitchen”.  

Again, going back to us… the hungry family. It felt so strange for us, we were left wondering: “Should we go in? Should we look for another place? Something doesn’t feel right!” 

I don’t know what you would’ve done, and how you would feel about this. 

I sat inside hearing the loud music, watching people eating burgers, nachos, drinking beer and all of that in what still looked very much like a church (except for the missing pews). It made me think to myself, Old Glory indeed… Old Glory gone! The idea that this building was designed for a specific purpose, and still held on to its architectural integrity from the outside, ONLY on the inside was something completely different.  You know how they say you can judge a book by its cover? Well, in this case you can’t! 

But the name itself made me think. At one point that place was in its full glory and was used for the purpose it had been intended for. At one point, perhaps someone may have walked into that church and encountered the One Living God, and had their life forever changed.

So what happened? How did it get there? 

And that made me think how sad it would be if I once ended up like this place: Looking decent and living a Christian life on the outside, while deep inside I’m completely not living at the level God intended for me. 

Life happens. We all have experienced that in some way. You get your heart broken, you fall into routine and lose your sense of joy, you get busy with family and kids, you get busy with work or with college. Anything could make you and me lose focus of our true calling and what we’re made for. And slowly you may feel your excitement for God dwindling, the passion that drove you to serve Him or to honor Him with the little things… It can fade away. If we are not careful and spiritually alert, we can end up looking like Christians; looking like good people, but on the inside our heart is not completely burning for God. We’ve lost it. And we might as well label ourselves “Old Glory”. 

These two words “Old Glory” remind me of a tragic incident that took place in the history of Israel. It was a time when Israel had gone to war against the Philistines, and to ensure victory, two priests at that time had this horrible idea. They decided to bring the “Ark of the Covenant” along with them to the battle field.

Just to give you a quick background check on these priests, they were completely corrupt and spoiled by their father that they even used to commit adultery in the temple.  But I guess they thought that by bringing the “Ark of The Covenant” into battle would kind of “twist God’s arm” into helping them. However, they were defeated, and the Ark was taken by the enemies.

When the news of defeat and the stolen Ark reached Israel, the wife of one of these two priests went into labor due to the shocking news. Once she delivered the baby, she decided to name him “Ichabod” Meaning: The Glory had departed from Israel (1st Samuel 4:22).

You see, the truth is that Israel’s glory had departed a long time ago, because their hearts had strayed away from God. But just like we do sometimes, they sought something to make them feel that God was still in their midst. Let’s not fall for this trap. Let’s not seek things that keep our hearts numb to the truth. Let us seek God again, let us have that same passion for Him all over again!

When God spoke to the church of Ephesus in Revelation, he said “Remember, therefore, where you have fallen and repent and do the deed you did at First” Rev 2:5. 

That’s exactly what we need to do today, two things that God mentioned in this verse:

First: Remember. Remember where you stood before all this happened. Remember how you used to love me, God says. Remember your dedication. Remember that, and then you’ll see the difference between our relationship now and back then. Remember where you’ve fallen…

Second: Repent & do the first deeds. “Repent” might as well be the most disliked word in the English dictionary. Repent! So old fashioned. So overlooked. Yet SO essential! To actually turn away from whatever it is that is stealing Christ’s place in our heart and watch this … Not only to turn away but to GO BACK to doing what we used to do when we truly were passionate about God. 

It’s like Jesus is saying, when you truly loved me, you used to spend hours reading my word. My word was your passion. You spoke it, you memorized it, you shared it with others, you lived it! Go back there. Do the things you did when our relationship first started. 

So here’s my question to you as I wrap up today: Where have you fallen? Where did you lose your passion for God along the way? Let us remember, and let us go back to the beginning. 

For more on love, relationships & the single life check out Your Love is Better than Wine: Letters to Mr. Right.

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Lessons From a Magnolia Tree About Time & Waiting


I desperately wait for spring! Not just the 21st of March, but the early signs of spring. Seeing trees budding with life, flowers blossoming, birds chirping again. It makes me happy, after the long winters we have here in New Jersey.

One of the things I look forward to around this time every year is observing the magnolia tree outside our house. The moment I see the flowers on it budding, I get so excited. This tree makes flowers only once a year. The flowers last for around two weeks tops, then the flowers fall and green leaves appear instead till the end of the summer. Except that this year, this is what our magnolia tree looks like …

Go ahead, ask me what happened? 

I’m so glad you asked! What happened was that the temperatures went up a little earlier than expected. The magnolia tree was deceived into thinking that it was springtime and therefore started to bud. A few days later the temperatures dipped below freezing again and that’s how the flowers died before they even had a chance to grow. 

As I was watching this tree, I felt as though right there before my eyes stood a lesson that we all struggle with in life. We all get tricked like this magnolia tree was. We get tricked even deceived into thinking that it is the right time… 

I don’t know what stage in life you’re in right now, but we’re always waiting for the next step. We always want to get ahead. If we’re in college we can’t wait to finish, when our kids are young, we can’t wait for them to be all grown up, when we’re single we can’t wait to find our Mr. Right. And then you have those small milestones that we can’t wait to achieve in life, like getting a promotion, getting your first car, finishing a project, buying a bigger house … 

There are times in life, just like that magnolia tree, when we’re deceived into thinking that this is the perfect timing So… How come God hasn’t done anything yet?! This would’ve been the perfect chance for me to finally be where I want to be in life, what is taking God so long?

I remember a time, when I looked at friends that I know who got the chance to have the ministry and the career that I was yearning for. And in my head, I couldn’t help thinking, why not me? Why not now?

Have you ever felt this way before?

A Man Who Would Not Rest

Tucked in the Old Testament books of the Bible is the book of Ruth. This book is the story of a Moabite widow, who lost her husband in Moab. Nevertheless, she stuck with her mother-in-law “Naomi” that she even traveled back accompanying Naomi to her hometown. After some time, Ruth stumbled into “Boaz”, who happened to be a distant relative of her husband and therefore, had the right to redeem her. Meaning; since there were no other men left alive in that family, he had the right to redeem any properties Naomi and her family had, plus marry Ruth the widow and become her provider. 

So Naomi (the mother-in-law) advised Ruth, to go to the fields late at night and lay at the Boaz’s feet while he slept. It sounds odd I know, but this was actually a Hebrew tradition signaling that the woman was seeking covering and redemption from the man. In other words her actions meant: “Marry Me!”  Ruth did exactly as her mother-in-law had told her to do. When she returned home, Naomi assured her saying “Wait, my daughter, until you know how the matter turns out; for the man will not rest until he has settled it today” Ruth 3:18. 

I love how confident Naomi was that Boaz “will not rest” until he gets the matter sorted. It seems to me that Naomi trusted in Boaz’s integrity and his noble character, that he would do anything to either redeem Ruth or provide another redeemer.  

One psalmist puts it this way: “The LORD will work out his plans for my life— for your faithful love, O LORD, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for you made me.” Ps. 138:8 NLT.   If I may add to the verse I could say, The Lord will NOT rest until He accomplishes His plans for my life.   If Naomi trusted Boaz’s integrity this much, and he’s only mere human, should we not trust God’s integrity and His character, even His love for us?  Shouldn’t we trust that He will make sure that everything gets done in time? 

If you want to get a glimpse of God’s Noble character, check out His creation. Nature testifies of the goodness of God! Let me share with you some random facts about animals and you be the judge: 

-Did you know that the chameleon was created with no eye lids? His eyes are placed in what looks like cones which allows it to have 360-degree vision. And that’s what helps a chameleon avoid any oncoming threats. 

-The Kangaroo is created with a pouch, so it can hold its babies. The pouch was created with enough muscles to contract and hold their little ones tight as it jumps around. Otherwise, the little joey may fall out, or be juggled around.

-The moth is one of the most insignificant insects alive (in my opinion) yet it is rated to be one with the best hearing of all animals. It has better hearing than bats! It was created this way so it could escape any animals or insects that may attempt to eat it.

You know why I’m telling you about these animals? It occurred to me that none of them have it all together or are completely invincible; yet God gave each one EXACTLY what it needs to be able to withstand anything it may encounter in its lifetime. And the same goes for you and me. 

What Do I Do In This Moment?

Perhaps, when we get restless, we ought to remember that God gave us everything we need for RIGHT NOW. And when the time comes for us to cross to a new stage, or achieve what He has in mind for us, then He will NOT rest until He makes it happen. We tend to forget, or let our emotions get the best of us.  When we’re getting all worked up and we’re trying to make plans instead of waiting on God, we should take a moment. Step back and check what we’re about to do and ask “Am I going off track here, taking matters into my own hands? Would God approve of this step I’m about to make?” 

Examining our motives and remembering that God is good and will come through, are two important factors that may stop me from messing up big time. After all, I would imagine that what God wants most is to see us bloom and blossom in time. Don’t rush it, friend. Trust Him, He will Not rest before He accomplishes His good purpose!

For more on love, relationships & the single life check out Your Love is Better than Wine: Letters to Mr. Right.

Find it online on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Christianbook.com… I hope you find within its pages the truths that your heart needs to hear.

You can also find it at “The GateWay Bookshop” & The “Bible Society” in Beirut, Lebanon.

Compromises: The Nail in The Wall


Growing up I was familiar with a certain folktale about a man who bought a new house. As he was closing the deal on the house, the previous owner made one simple request. He said, “I had nailed a nail on this wall. Would you please honor my wishes and keep the nail there after you move in?” The new owner didn’t find any problem with this request, so he agreed to keep the nail. Days went by, the new guy moved in. One day there was a knock on the door, and what do you know- it was the previous owner! He saluted the new guy and very politely requested to check on the nail in the wall. Then politely requested to hang a frame that he really cherished on that nail. From that day on, this man kept showing up every other day with more and more items to hang on that nail. Before you know it, the whole wall was covered with his belongings!

Silly story, right? However, I want to tell you today about a nation that allowed something like that to happen within it’s walls. It kept a nail in the wall, didn’t mind it! What problem would it cause? Sooner rather than later it caused them great trouble. Read for yourself and judge.

When God saved the Hebrews from Egypt -the land of slavery- He turned them into a nation and gave them specific directions about how to deal with the nearby nations who would attempt to influence and overtake them by force or even by trickery. One very clear command God gave in Deuteronomy 7:5 warning them that once they conquer a new land, they ought to completely destroy their idols. Now, years went by and the Israelites became a mightier nation with God’s help. The lands around them were afraid of them because of the miracles that the Lord was doing in their midst. Yet while Israel conquered more and more land, they slacked on a very important command. They did not destroy the other gods that the previous people had been worshiping. As a result, they ended up having; let me call it a “cocktail of idols and statues for different gods” left on the tops of the mountains. A huge nail was left hanging, and before you knew it the Israelites themselves, with their kings included, began to worship these idols and abandoned the One True God who rescued them and made them who they were. That was what led to the downfall of the Israelites and to them being conquered by other nations and being take captive into different parts of the earth.

Sometimes, all it takes is one compromise. All it takes is to say, “leave it, nothing is going to happen.” Sometimes for us to lose sight of who we are, all it takes is one minor compromise. One nail in the wall. (Compromises are anything that goes against the word of God, but we allow it for our own pleasure, comfort or simply to fit in.) And you know with what’s going around us today, it is so easy to adopt new ideas and accept principles that are not aligned with the word of God, all in the name of kindness and “tolerance”. This man in the folktale I mentioned, thought that he was being kind, to honor the man’s request of leaving a nail in the wall. And today a lot of things are being pushed at us in the name of “tolerating” other people. And I’m all for love, kindness, and accepting others. But I’m against “Disobeying God” in order to make someone feel happy about themselves. Compromise has gotten much easier than we think.

And compromise can come in different forms. You may compromise on “basic principles” for the relationships in your life. And a while later you’ll realize that you have fallen in love and are getting married to someone who is SO NOT God’s best for you. You may compromise on the kind of crowd you hang out with, and you’ll find yourself being pulled into a lifestyle that does not honor God. You may compromise and feel embarrassed to speak freely about your faith, or to call sin what it is: a sin. And you’ll end up twisting the word of God to please people. I heard about a young rising Christian artist who, not long ago, was being interviewed by a non-Christian radio host. And the host, wanting to corner her, asked if she believes homosexuality is a sin. The artist failed to give a straight answer. She was more concerned about covering up her beliefs, I guess she didn’t want to offend any of her fans. And it is a tough spot to be in, not that I intent to judge her or anybody else. But I fear for us my friend, I fear that we’re leaving the idols on the high places in our own life, and before we know it, we forget that these idols “or these compromises” are not the way things are supposed to be.

I was reading in Ezekiel the other day who is a prophet that prophesied about the destruction of Jerusalem by it’s enemies and guess what the reason was: those same idols on the high mountains. So let’s do some math, okay? The command by God in Deuteronomy was given sometime around 1410 BC. And Ezekiel was written sometime around or after 592 BC. So this means that these idols may have been left on these mountains, like a nail in the wall for at least 800 years … at least! For 800 years God kept on speaking and pointing that out, but the people never gave them up! Which tells you two things:

1-We are so prone to not seeing our own compromise. But it’s like a cancerous cell, it spreads quietly until the whole body is infected.

2-God waits on us. He is not quick to anger. He waits and He speaks softly until we cannot hear Him no more, than we’re left with the consequences of our actions.

I always like to challenge you at the end. And here is today’s challenge: Find the nail in your wall and pluck it out!!!! SOON. Meaning: take time to think about the compromises you’ve made or may be making in different aspects of your life today. Then come to God in prayer and ask Him for His forgiveness and make the changes that you ought to make in your life. This is serious, so let the change start NOW!

For more on love, relationships & the single life check out Your Love is Better than Wine: Letters to Mr. Right.

Find it online on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Christianbook.com… I hope you find within its pages the truths that your heart needs to hear.

You can also find it at “The GateWay Bookshop” & The “Bible Society” in Beirut, Lebanon.

It is also being sold at “The Gateway Bookshop” & the “Bible Society” in Beirut, Lebanon.

Your Role in People’s lives


I love watching adventure movies about finding a treasure or discovering an ancient mystery, movies like “Indiana Jones”, “Jumanji”, or “National Treasure”.  It’s funny how in every mystery movie, there usually is a bad guy trying to beat the good guys to locating the treasure and claiming it to himself! Selfishness always plays a big part in the events of the movie.

However, I was reading the passage in Matthew 15 the other day, that famous story about Jesus feeding the 4000. And I was amazed to see no selfishness there. No man claiming the treasure solely for himself. You’re like what treasure? Let me tell you.  That day Jesus fed 4000 men plus women and children using only 7 loaves of bread and a few fish. It’s such a popular miracle that when you’re reading, it’s so easy to miss the few lines that precede the miracle that took place. You see, the whole story started when Jesus went up a mountain and the crowds followed Him, so they could listen to His preaching, and be with Him. However, there’s this verse that we don’t usually pay attention to. Look at this:

“And great multitude came to Him, bringing with them those who were lame, crippled, blind, dumb, and many others, and they laid them down at His feet; and He healed them.”

Matthew 15: 30

It was a treasure hunt! These people heard about this teacher “Jesus”, who was healing and preaching the word of God with authority. This Man from Galilee who actually loved and cared for the crowds and was different than all their religious leaders. Hence, they wanted to go see Him, except that none of them went alone! They could’ve… But they didn’t.

Can you imagine how exhausting and burdensome it must’ve been to carry a crippled man up the mountain or assist the lame as they walked uphill to Jesus. Imagine leading a blind or dumb person up there! This crowd, refused to go alone! It was like an adventure movie, except that nobody said, “I’ll go get the treasure for myself!” No. It was more like, “If I go to see Jesus, I’m taking you with me!”

I find that fascinating. What an attitude!

Nowadays, it seems that we seek what is good for us first. Even our prayers revolve around us, around our families and our needs. I look around me now and I see the need everywhere. Do you feel the same? Whether on the news (yes, I’ve been watching the news lately!), or whether it is on the streets… I see the need when I hear about the war in Ukraine, and I am so prone to bury “my head in the sand” and say thank goodness that all is okay HERE. But God wants us to look around us and raise our sisters and brothers in prayer. And prayer is not easy! It’s not just making a few requests from God on behalf of someone. Prayer is to fight on a person’s behalf and bring their need before God. When we’re on our knees, pleading for the safety, wellbeing, or healing of somebody else, it SHOULD be agonizing. Prayer should feel as though you’re carrying a crippled man up the mountain or leading a lame or a blind person up to see Jesus. Because there with Jesus, miracles take place.

What Type of Prayer Do You Pray?

These days, we’ve made prayer to sound like it’s a “cup of coffee” with God. And that’s exactly how I think about it. That’s beautiful. In fact, I make my morning cup of coffee and I sip as I read my Bible and speak to God about my day. But that’s just the relationship aspect of prayer. Prayer has to be more than that.

There’s another aspect about prayer that we so often miss or we slack on, and it’s “fighting for others in prayer”. We’re supposed to be bringing others before God, bringing their needs, bringing their prayer requests, speaking FOR them when they are too frustrated to pray for themselves. We ought to be that crowd that bring our friends, relatives, families, and even our communities before Jesus. Because there… things begin to happen. Healing takes place, restoration, forgiveness, new beginnings.. It all starts with Jesus. And it may take time to see the change. That’s why I love that saying “Pray until something happens”, because when we bring people to God, God’s hand moves in their lives in His own timing. 

I want to leave this image with you. The Bible tells us that we are a “Royal Priesthood” because we belong to Christ (1st Peter 2:9). If you know what the priestly garments looked like, you’d get an idea about why we are called priests. Listen to this; the priestly garment was designed is such royal and extravagant fashion. It had a breast plate made of gold, and on the chest there were 12 rare gems representing the 12 tribes of Israel, and on the shoulders the names of the tribes were engraved in Onyx stones. So it was as if the priest carried the burden of his people before God on his shoulders and on his chest, as he prayed. The whole essence of his ministry was to bring his people before the Lord (Exodus 39: 6-14).

You and I should carry our people, our loved ones, the lost, the oppressed, the addicted, the depressed and bring them before God! The people of Ukraine, the people in Syria and Lebanon who can’t afford basic essential needs because of economic collapse and political corruption, that should be your burden and mine. We should be burdened by the homeless man sitting in the corner in the subway, or by the cranky woman we come across at the grocery store… Everyone has a story and we are supposed to carry one another before God. After all, we were created to do so.

 So the challenge I leave before you is this: Who will you bring before God today? Make a list. Write names down, and let’s not go to God alone.

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Words About “Love” From a Single Man!


Growing up there was a kid’s show on TV that I liked, where a man gathered every-day items like a T-shirt, a mop, a bucket , a rope … and used them to form an image on the floor. While the camera was focused on him, you would see him arrange these objects next to each other, but you wouldn’t be able to tell what he’s really doing, until the camera took a shot from the top. Then, you’d see that he cleverly used these various items to make a beautiful piece of art. That’s what love is like! That’s what relationships are like.. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

In the past several years, I’ve heard about more people getting divorced than I’ve heard in the past twenty years of my life! Many of them were people that I love and care about. Perhaps, it’s part of growing up, maybe the fact that I’m in my early thirties, I’m realizing now the ugliness of life. Or perhaps quarantining during COVID made people more aware that “hey I cannot tolerate being with you, and now I know it!” No matter what the reason is, it’s sad. It indicates that we don’t know how to TRULY LOVE one another anymore! I’m not trying to make this a miserable post, I promise it’s valentine’s Day and I will make it cheerful in a few lines!

One of my favorite verses about love was written by a single man in prison! It’s in Colossians 2:2,3 and it was the Apostle Paul who wrote this letter to a group of people (a church) in Colossae, most of whom he had not met. Yet he was praying earnestly for them and warning them of some strange ideologies that were creeping into their midst. And so from prison he wrote,

My goal is that their hearts, having been knit together in love, may be encouraged, and that they may have all the riches that assurance brings in their understanding of the knowledge of the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Colossians 2:2,3 (NET version)

If you read this verse and you were like “huh? What does that even mean?” Don’t worry! I felt the same way before. So what does Paul really mean by this? Paul was telling them: what I wish for you is that you become “knit together in love”, and when that happens you will know and understand all the awesome, indescribable things that there is to know about Christ.

So Paul’s linking “loving each other” with “fully understanding Christ”. In other words, when you’re in a deep relationship with Christ, it is then that you’ll know how to truly love one another and be united in love. Our relationship with God drastically affects all other relationships in our life.

Let me remind you, Paul was NOT speaking to couples, or exclusively to married people. He was speaking to a group of believers, who were meeting together with the purpose of loving and serving God. Therefore, he was expecting from regular people in a church to be “knit together”. If we as people of God are supposed to be so intertwined in our love for one another, how much more should a husband and wife be in their relationship with one another?!!

Knit in love- I just love this term! Knitting means that you interlock pieces of yarn together, for the purpose of making ONE unified piece of clothing. It means the one piece of yarn doesn’t stand on its own anymore, it has no purpose standing out, it has a job to play in something bigger than itself! Same with us: Being in a relationship you and your loved one ought to be seeking each other’s wellbeing and growth, because you’re living for something bigger than yourself now. Just like that show I mentioned in the beginning where every-day items played a role in making beautiful art, because of the way they were placed together.

So here are some questions to test ourselves to see if we are truly knit together in Love with one another, whether you’re married, or hope to be married one day, let’s ask ourselves:

-Do I seek what is good for me, disregarding the other person?

-Do I look for ways to help my spouse/friend/sister or brother to grow and overcome certain obstacles in their life?

-Do I spend time in prayer for the other person? Do I spend time in prayer for our relationship?

-Am I getting to know Christ more in this relationship?

-Are we as a couple engaging in activities together that would get us closer to God (like praying, reading and discussing the word of God, serving God and others together)?

-When I am faced with conflict in my relationship, do I pray to God for guidance, and do I seek relationship advice from the Bible or from worldly sources?

All these are good questions to think about by yourself, and perhaps you could read those with your spouse and think together.

The other day I was listening to Star 99.1, my favorite Christian radio station. And the host was talking about DIY’s that are selling for crazy prices. She mentioned a chair that was originally bought for $7 or $9, and after a person fixed it up, it was sold to a client for THOUSANDS of dollars. I forgot the exact amount, but it was outrageous. If you think about it, that’s what relationships are like. A relationship can be broken, old, seems irreconcilable. However, when you seek to know Christ and make an effort to be united with your loved one, you add so much value, so much life and worth into that relationship.

What I wish and pray for you today and every day, is that you get to know the heart of God so well, that you’ll learn how to be “knit together in love” with your other half! Time to do some knitting guys 😉

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Setting Your Day For Success


John Maxwell; a best-selling author/writer once said, “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda”. Imagine somebody telling you: I know what you have to do on a daily basis, so you can get ahead in your career, in your relationships, and as a person! Would you follow their advice?

I was reading “Exodus” the other day and I came across a “SECRET”. I promise you it’s a good one.  It’s a secret of someone’s success in the Bible, and it’s a secret that I had wondered about for a while. 

You know how Moses was such a popular leader, and had a helper called “Joshua”? After Moses’ life and leadership came to an end, God chose Joshua to be his successor. God had 12 tribes to pick and choose from. There were honorable leaders and elders from every family. So why Joshua? Why did God choose Moses’ helper to lead the entire people? What’s the secret that allowed Joshua to make it to the top? For the longest time, I couldn’t find a satisfying answer; until I came across Exodus 33:11. Then the truth hit me right in the face!

You’re probably wondering what that verse is about… Let me tell you. The passage talks about how Moses used to go into the “tent of meeting” to speak to the Lord. Then God would appear in a pillar of cloud to meet Moses, and all the people would stand each by the door of his own tent watching and worshiping without approaching the tent. Everyone did that, except for Joshua! Check this out…

“The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend. Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young aide Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent.” Exodus 33:11

Even after Moses was done speaking to God, Joshua would go and stay in the tent of meeting. But why? What’s the point? The Bible doesn’t even say that God spoke to Joshua. Joshua just went in there and stayed there.


Joshua’s behavior reveals such hunger and thirst for God. It like Josh was making himself available to God, without God even calling him. He never asked to be a leader, he was satisfied in his position. He just wanted more of God. This young man wanted to spend time in God’s place. He wasn’t after the leadership role, probably never even thought about it. He truly wanted God Himself! And that’s what made all the difference.

You see in life, we seek after so many things in order to get ahead. We try too hard to achieve so much. We want to be good people, but we also want to have a respectable position, high salary, be leaders in our community, marry the best person there is, be famous, get recognized right where we are… And the list goes on.

We’re wondering what’s the secret to achieving this or to that… We have to learn from Joshua! If you and I want a marriage that thrives, we want to be respected among our peers… If we hope to achieve worthwhile accomplishments, we have to have a heart that truly desires God. We should have a heart that wants to hear from God, to spend time with Him. A heart that wants more of Jesus. What does that mean?  God wants to see You and I thirsty to spend time with Him, not because you want Him to bless you or answer your prayers. He says “Seek my face! Seek Me!”.

When you get to that part, He will move the pieces in your life in a surprising way. He will honor you before those around you, because you honored and loved Him and took the time to invest in a relationship with Him.


But first, in order to get to a point where you’re desiring God the way Josh did, it takes some “taste buds adjustment”. You’re like what?! We’re talking about success, and all of sudden we’re talking about taste buds! Listen to this: I don’t know if you’re like me, but I have a sweet tooth. I’ve found that the more sweets I eat, the more sweets I crave. The more junk I eat, the more junk food my body will crave.

If you feel like you don’t desire to spend time with God these days, that means that you have to adjust your “spiritual taste buds” if I may put it that way. Train yourself to spend time with God even when you don’t really feel like it. It’s called discipline! Read His word. Make yourself available for Him to speak to you. Surround yourself with music, shows and friends that pull you closer to God instead of farther away; and you will gradually begin to crave more of Him. Just like maxwell said, your daily agenda determines your success. So fill your agenda with God and He’ll take care of everything else! 

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The Three Biggest Fears!


So how’s 2022 treating you so far? I realize that this is my first blog post this year, and it’s already mid-January! 

The last post I wrote was on Christmas day! Wow, it’s been a while. I was sharing how my family and I were struggling with COVID. So we’re all doing fine now, because of God’s goodness. It was not an easy ride, but it’s done. I hope you are healthy and doing well as you read these words.  

On New Year’s Eve, I wasn’t in the mood to come up with resolutions, or anything of that sort. My husband and I summoned every ounce of energy we had so we could make our New-Year’s-Eve traditional dinner: homemade Pizza. Ironically, my husband reminded me that every year we say “Never again”, because we always end up making enough Pizza to feed and army and then the year after we do it all over again, cause it’s just SO good! Other than Pizza, all I could think of was a verse that was playing in my head over and over again that day. It’s the one in Psalm 116: 8,9 

“For you, Lord, have delivered me from death,
my eyes from tears,
my feet from stumbling,
that I may walk before the Lord
in the land of the living.”  
Thinking about these words and what the author meant, it touched my heart and I think that you may be able to relate to that today.




That’s it. That’s all there is to life and that’s what God rescued the writer from. Think about it! First, death may be the biggest fear most of us have. We’re so afraid of a virus or a disease that could kill us, right?  

Number two, tears. I’ve never in my life met a person who loves tears; and loves to cry. Have you? We don’t want to get heart-broken, hurt, disappointed… 

Last thing, we are afraid of making mistakes. We don’t want to stumble. You don’t want to make wrong choices, whether it’s choosing the right person to marry, the right career, buying the right house… We’re afraid of getting it wrong!

So, the guy who wrote this psalm -thousands of years ago- was just like us. And he was saying “Lord, you rescued me from the Three BIGGEST FEARS in my life.” That does not mean that he NEVER experienced any pain or disappointment, but that God has preserved him despite everything he went through.  

However, the question here remains: Why? Why did God preserve him; saved him from Death, tears and stumbling? Even better why has God preserved you till this moment? And why has He preserved me?  I’m not going to leave you hanging there. 

Let me tell you a true story that happened to me. On January 15, 2008, I was working as a Librarian at a Bible School in Beirut, Lebanon. It was a time when mysterious bombings were taking place throughout various areas in Lebanon. That day, a car bomb exploded under the building I work in. I can’t explain the horror I experienced sitting in my chair on the 4th floor with my hands covering my head calling out “Jesus, Jesus”! It seemed as though all hell broke loose. After everything calmed down, I stood up in total shock and disbelief that I was still alive. All I wanted to do was leave the building. As I turned slowly reaching out for my phone, I saw an old book so neatly placed on my desk. Somehow it had escaped all the rubble and broken glass that covered my desk. The title of the book read “Kept the Master’s Use”. I will never forget this! 

The author in this Psalm grasped the idea. He was like; Lord you rescued me from everything to this point, “… that I may walk before the Lord in the Land of the Living”. You did all of that God, that I may live my life for YOU. That I may live for the purpose you’ve created me for. 

My question for you today: Have you realized that God has preserved you to this moment for a purpose?  That purpose is to live for Him! 

Sure we find the right person, a good-paying job, we pay our bills, we get married, have kids.. Sure, that’s all great! But where is God in all of that? Are you living for Him? Are you honoring Him in all that you do? Are you even getting to know Him? Did you ask Him lately “Lord, what would you want me to do for You?” 

Let me tell you, in case you’ve gotten things mixed up like I do sometimes: There is nothing in your life that Jesus cannot take care of even the THREE BIGGEST FEARS. However, as He rescues you and gives you new breath every day, remember that you’ve been kept for the Master’s use. 

Find it online on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Christianbook.com… I hope you find within its pages the truths that your heart needs to hear.

You can also find it at “The GateWay Bookshop” & The “Bible Society” in Beirut, Lebanon.

For more on love, relationships & the single life check out Your Love is Better than Wine: Letters to Mr. Right.

Find it online on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Christianbook.com… I hope you find within its pages the truths that your heart needs to hear.

You can also find it at “The GateWay Bookshop” & The “Bible Society” in Beirut, Lebanon.

A Christmas in Quarantine!


Silly me I was planning to write this post about something that has to do with the Christmas account; like the shepherds, maybe the star, or the wise men… Not anymore though. Cause our Christmas plans have been completely altered. And out of NO WHERE we find ourselves -my husband, our two kids and myself- quarantining and fighting COVID-19 just a few days before Christmas. 

To be honest with you, I wasn’t just disappointed, I was angry seeing my little ones struggle with this virus, and just the timing of it! Horrible, No good, Very bad Christmas! I was so upset about this, worried, concerned, anxious… I don’t even know how someone could fit all these emotions in one person! It felt like joy had skipped our house this year, as though Christmas was canceled just for us! But that’s not true. 

 I know some of you may be reading this alone not with family, some are also in quarantine, fighting off COVID, or you have other reasons to feel that your Christmas festivities have been canceled as well. So Hear me out…

Sometimes things go wrong, when you really were counting on them to go exactly as planned. Why? I don’t know! But we have to rest confident, that in the trouble, God is present. Like King David said If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.” Psalm 139:8. When you’re His child, you can’t escape His presence, and that’s the wonderful news we need to hold on to, today.

That kind of reminds me of those glow sticks which kids love. These sticks don’t glow as much in the light, they were made for when the lights are dimmed. That’s the same when things are going well, we feel God.  He’s in the JOY. He is our JOY, However, in the tough times God’s presence shine seven BRIGHTER. That may sound a little strange, but that’s the truth I’ve experienced this past week.

Truth is; despite sickness, I am thankful for God’s protection. It all started out when my 8-year-old son started developing symptoms. Seeing him really sick and crashed in bed, with no voice to speak, no energy to smile; was so scary for me as a mom. But every time we prayed as a family, we saw progress and we saw God’s hand healing one symptom at a time. And as my younger son got sick as well and then I caught it too, I felt overwhelmed and scared, anxiety was creeping in, right then songs and Bible verses would pop in my head, speaking exactly to the emotional state I was in every now and then. Even videos that I had to work on (I do copywriting for Christian social media pages) and it would be as though those videos were meant for that moment in time in my life. That may have happened to you before. That’s how God shows Himself in the difficult time. He gives us His word to lean on here, a promise over there, a song in the night. All of a sudden you realize “God is with us”- Emmanuel. Light has shone in the darkness. 

That’s what Christmas is about after all: God is with us. That was God’s plan from the beginning. When Jesus was born things were far from perfect, things were even far from festive. With the chaos of the census, people crowding and fighting over a place to stay, and the poverty of his earthly mother and father (Mary & Joseph). Now that I think about it, it may have felt as confusing and scary as I’ve felt this Christmas.

So, if your Christmas has been as messed up as mine, welcome to the club! Even if the past several months have felt that way, don’t be discouraged. The Light of our world shines best in our tough times. God is with you; God is with us. Our circumstances won’t cancel Christmas, the savior has come so He can be our joy in the darkest times.

May it always be a Merry Christmas, because Christ will always be here! 

The Mess That Took Place Before Christmas


So… Do you have your Christmas tree set up already, or are you a last-minute kind of decorator? Or perhaps you’re not into decorating. Honestly, when it comes to Christmas, I have a soft spot. I just love this time of the year. And I can’t help but think of how Christ’s coming has impacted the world.  

Since Christmas is less than two weeks away, I wanted to write to you about what happened BEFORE Christmas, since the birth of Jesus was the fulfillment of a long-awaited promise. 

Do you remember as a child waiting for your parents to get you something they had promised? And the longer you waited, you became less confident in your parent’s promises. You probably even felt as though there was no point in behaving good and listening, because it looks like the promise has been forgotten. Well, multiply that frustration by a couple of Thousand. That’s how it felt for the people of God. Forty-two Generations (as Matthew wrote in his gospel), about two thousand years between the promise and the fulfillment. Wow!!  Why am I mentioning this? Are you familiar with the first chapter in the gospel of Matthew- which most of us skip – where he lists the genealogy of Jesus? That’s where I want to take you today! Because BEFORE the promise was fulfilled through the birth of Jesus, awesome things happened which could benefit us on our journey. Check this out!

At that time, ancient writers used to list genealogies mentioning ONLY men. But in the first chapter of Matthew, you can see that the author mentions four women on purpose. Look at this: 

This is a record of the ancestors of Jesus the Messiah, a descendant of David and of Abraham: Abraham was the father of Isaac. Isaac was the father of Jacob. Jacob was the father of Judah and his brothers. Judah was the father of Perez and Zerah (whose mother was Tamar)…

Salmon was the father of Boaz (whose mother was Rahab). Boaz was the father of Obed (whose mother was Ruth). Obed was the father of Jesse.

Jesse was the father of King David. David was the father of Solomon (whose mother was Bathsheba, the widow of Uriah).

Matthew 1:1-3,5,6

Why did Matthew do that? Why did he go against tradition to mention these women in the genealogy of Christ? He stopped and made us stop the reading as if to say, there is something significant here. And before you start cheering for “girl power” and women’s rights, let me tell you: this had nothing to do with that! Although Jesus did give the woman an equal value and significance as the man, but that’s not our topic today.

Let me tell you very briefly who these women were in case you didn’t know, so we can understand why they were mentioned.

Tamar: An Israelite widow. Her father-in-law was not fair with her according to the law, so she tricked him into laying with her so she could have a child and keep a name for her husband. Twisted, right? Not to mention embarrassing! 

Rahab: A prostitute gentile woman, who helped two Israelite spies and saved their life, and then ended up joining the people of God and married one of those spies. 

Ruth: Another gentile widow who stuck by her mother-in-law’s side and treated her lovingly, and even left her country and family to be by her side.  

Uriah’s wife (Bethsheba): She had an affair with king David, who later killed her husband so he could cover up his sin and married her. 

If you truly read and contemplate in these stories, you’ll find that in each of them there’s a story of redemption and a brand-new beginning. So, 3 out of the 4 were gentile women. Jews regarded the gentiles at that time, as outsiders not heirs of the promises of God. And 3 of these ladies had a scandalous past. All made their way into the genealogy of the Promised Christ!!! Why? Why would God let that happen? 

See, the truth is that throughout these generations, God was never late on His promise. His coming was exactly on time. And all that mess that happened along the way, shows us that as we wait for God’s promises, we as humans err. Big time! We fall, we stumble, we commit embarrassing acts. I bet there may be moments in your own life that you don’t like to even remember, because that was the lowest time for you. I know exactly how that feels! 

Jesus could’ve had in His lineage the very best of people. The bright, the honorable, the best of leaders, and He did. But He also had a long list of men and women who messed up big time, or who were not even part of His people to begin with. And that should give us hope. 

That should remind us that as we go on in life, the mess ups that we face, the failures that we experience are not the end of it. God will not shut you out, because you’re unworthy. Hey, NEWS FLASH; we’re ALL born unworthy. We sin by nature, and we break God’s heart over and over again. But if all these people were included in Christ’s genealogy, it means there’s a place for you and me at the table, with Christ.  

No matter how embarrassing your story may be and no matter how far you feel from God, you are already included. The promise is yours. Christ is here for you! And that’s awesome news! 

John 1: 12 says, “To all who believed Him and accepted Him, he gave the right to become children of God”. So, when we believe that Jesus is God in the flesh, sent to save us from sin, we become the children of God. That means, your name would be recorded in Jesus’s family book, and my name will be there too. And that my friend is a great reason to rejoice this Christmas!

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For more on love, relationships & the single life check out Your Love is Better than Wine: Letters to Mr. Right.

Find it online on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Christianbook.com… I hope you find within its pages the truths that your heart needs to hear.

You can also find it at “The GateWay Bookshop” & The “Bible Society” in Beirut, Lebanon.

For more on love, relationships & the single life check out Your Love is Better than Wine: Letters to Mr. Right.

Find it online on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Christianbook.com… I hope you find within its pages the truths that your heart needs to hear.

You can also find it at “The GateWay Bookshop” & The “Bible Society” in Beirut, Lebanon.